I've worked on a handful of personal projects over the past few years, most of which are available on my GitLab.

In current development

  • Midnight - A custom Hugo theme I created. This site uses it with color overrides, and my personal blog uses alternate fonts (source)
  • go-habitica - Go bindings for the Habitica API and a command-line program using those bindings. (source)
  • interparser - Library for Go programs to succinctly parse interface{} variables without boilerplate. (source)
  • nebula-forms - An API server written in Go to handle form submissions on static sites. Uses Go's templating system to customize e.g. emails. Currently in usable alpha. (source)

Hiatus / Bugfixes only

  • funtoo-admin - A set of bash scripts and other files that make administering my Funtoo systems easier. (source)
  • shadowhosts - A hosts file editor and system ad blocker (source)
  • zip-builder - A program to generate flashable zips for Android devices based on simple configuration files. (GitLab)


  • asciitube - A collection of bash scripts for watching YouTube videos in a Linux terminal (source)
  • Darkroad - Dark theme for Hugo based on Mainroad by Vimux (GitHub)
  • PhysicsAcceleration - A small webpage demonstrating friction, including frictional coefficients (GitLab) (Demo)
  • pyHostsEditor - Python script modifying the system hosts file to block ads (GitHub)
    • Abandoned in favor of ShadowHosts, above
  • student-queue - A web app written in Node.js for students to notify a teacher or aide that they need help and teachers/aides to resolve help requests in real time (GitHub)
  • Twinkies - A console program written in Java that teaches the user about Twinkies (GitHub) (Download)