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Hoard v0.3.0 Release

I've just released version 0.3.0 of Hoard, my (dot)file management tool that determines which path(s) to backup/restore based on system configuration.

What this means is that the same configuration can be used on multiple operation systems with different configurations, and Hoard will be able to use the appropriate paths for that system. As an example, the following configuration supports NeoVim (with fallback to Vim) on both Linux and Windows:

         "linux|neovim" = "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/nvim/init.vim"
         "linux|vim" = "${HOME}/.vimrc"
         "windows|neovim" = "${LOCALAPPDATA}/nvim/init.vim"
         "windows|vim" = "${USERPROFILE}/.vim/_vimrc"
         "linux|neovim" = "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/nvim/config"
         "linux|vim" = "${HOME}/.vim/config"
         "windows|neovim" = "${LOCALAPPDATA}/nvim/config"
         "windows|vim" = "${USERPROFILE}/.vim/config"

What's New

Important Links

Full Changelog Release with Downloads Documentation Discussion on Reddit Discussion on GitHub Discussions

Answers to Common Questions

I am anticipating some questions, so I will try to answer them now:

Are you planning on supporting encryption?

Yes, I have plans for both symmetric (password) and asymmetric (public/private key) encryption. That is not part of this release because I didn't want the other updates to be delayed by my attempts to research and design a reasonably secure implementation.

How are you planning on implementing encryption? See the open issues for symmetric and asymmetric encryption, respectively. There may be some thoughts I have not published yet as well.

Do you accept feature requests? Will you consider _____ feature? Yes, I accept feature requests. You may submit a request on the issue tracker. I may or may not accept a requested feature, depending on how it lines up with my plans for the project.

I noticed an issue with...

Please report it on the issue tracker so I can track it.

Do you accept pull requests or other contributions?

Yes I do! I'd be happy to work with someone who is wanting to implement a feature in Hoard (provide direction on general design, code review, etc.). Just make sure any PRs for added features are for features that were previously accepted. I don't want anyone's work to be wasted.