Quick update for users of my MicroG flashable installers:

Due to the official repository not receiving updates and a lack of time to go through the various forks and cherry-pick things together, I am no longer providing MicroG installers. Instead, I’m providing zips to make it easier to set up NanoDroid’s MicroG installer to install just like mine did.

Why NanoDroid?

NanoDroid gets a lot of attention from its developer, known as Nanolx in most places but as Setialpha on XDA. It sees a steady stream of usability and bugfix updates and has a tool for easily updating single APKs without having to flash a newer zip file.

It also has features like Magisk and A/B partition support, both of which my zips do not. He also bundles his own forked versions of MicroG that are kept up to date with the version numbers from Play Services and appears to be pulling in code submitted to the main project.

In short, the developer is paying it more attention than I can right now.

Setting Up

What I’m providing, for users of my zips who like the simple “install the basics” model, is a set of installers that place a configuration file on the system. The file is read by NanoDroid’s installer to choose between different options for which components to install and how to install them. The configurations provided are set up to mirror my zips as closely as possible: install to system, install just MicroG and the configured Play Store replacement.

The only caveat is that people who want the official Play Store need to flash it separately, as NanoDroid only comes with FakeStore and the NanoDroid patched Play Store.


If you are using the normal MicroG zips, the NanoDroid versions have different package signatures and may cause problems with a dirty-flashed transition. You can try it, but I would recommend doing a clean flash of your ROM, if possible.

If you are using the “unofficial” zip that has been provided for a few weeks, the APKs were extracted from NanoDroid, so a dirty flash is more likely to succeed without issues.

Either way, you will want to delete the addon.d recovery script from /system/addon.d/ for my own MicroG zips to ensure that any changes it made have been reverted in favor of NanoDroid’s.

Finding Support

After transitioning to NanoDroid, you can find support for it in the official XDA thread.

Only For MicroG

Only the MicroG zips are being discontinued right now, because of the forking situation. All other zips are still being updated and can still be used.

I apologize for the inconvenience to anyone currently using my MicroG zips and hope that this helps ease the transition for people.