My zip-builder application has seen some important updates recently.

Zip-Builder Updates

The project has seen a handful of bugfixes, including fixing an issue with apps not finding extracted libraries. This also fixed the issue that caused Firefox to be temporarily disabled from the zip builds and replaced with the Lightning browser.

Another library issue was fixed by extracting 32-bit libraries onto 64-bit systems alongside the native 64-bit library.

The beginnings of support for devices with A/B partitioning scheme with help from GitHub user signedbit. A/B parititioning is still not supported, until I can figure out how to correctly install things on those systems.

Finally, conflicting apps/files to be removed across updates (in the addon.d survival scripts) are removed before restoring backed-up files. This is to fix an issue where files installed to a location that is also listed as a conflict were getting deleted.

Build Recipes

Along with the usual updates to the latest versions, the build recipes used for the downloads on this site have seen the following updates:

  • The no-gapps zip has been split into multiple flavors, arranged to try to mirror the equivalent OpenGapps packages. Various apps have been added to provide a more complete parallel - see the downloads page for a list of all included apps.
  • Firefox restored as the default web browser for the no-gapps zip packages.
  • Simple Gallery replaced with Camera Roll and OpenLauncher replaced with Hayai Launcher.
  • A Qualcomm package (com.qualcomm.location) that conflicted with UnifiedNlp/microG will now be deleted upon install.
  • Déjà Vu Location Service added as a location provider to the microG and UnifiedNlp zips.
  • The microG and F-Droid zips now delete/replace the appropriate files in the microG Lineage OS fork.
  • Installing the Google Play Store (official or patched) will automatically delete Yalp Store if installed by the no-gapps package. The reverse is not true: installing a no-gapps package with Yalp Store leaves both Yalp and the Play Store installed.

Future Development

Development on zip-builder is currently halted while I plan out a local rewrite of the application with the following goals:

  • Cleaner code with test coverage.
  • Support for more built-in sources:
  • Better download management:
    • Don’t repeat downloads for the same file in multiple zips.
  • Better concurrency management:
    • Do a better job avoiding simultaneous reads and writes to data in memory.

Build recipes compatible with the latest version of zip-builder will still be updated as necessary, there just won’t be any new updates to the program itself. If you have questions, ask on the zip-builder XDA Thread.