In this post, I’d like to outline my current monetary situation and ask anyone willing to help me out as they are able.

Why Now?

I’ve been making open source projects for some time now - my first Github commit to a project I intended to be used by the public was three years ago - but now I’m realizing just how much work I’ve given myself to:

It’s a lot for one twenty-something year-old college student to put on himself, yet here I am.

Here are my monthly and yearly costs to provide these services:

(Where applicable, I use my referral code for the service, which provides me with some credit for the service if someone clicks on the link, signs up with the service, and spends a certain amount of money.)

  • Digital Ocean (referral link) (hosting) $23/month
    • Sign up with the link, get $10 credit and I get $25 credit after you spend $25
  • Iubenda (referral link) (privacy/cookie policies and compliance) $9/month
  • ProtonMail (secure email w/ custom domains) $5.29/month
  • NameCheap (domain provider) $41.58/year or $3.47/month

Add in about $22 in other monthly costs, you end up with a total approximate monthly bill of $59.29.

What I’m Asking For

I’m asking for your support in whatever way you can provide, particularly when it comes to money. The way things are turning out right now, I either find work during my free time at school (read: when I’m not in class or doing homework) or I continue working on these projects. It’s not a completely dichotomous relationship: I could work on these projects in between work and school, but I foresee that turning into stalled development with not much to show over time.

My hope is that enough people like the stuff that I do and are willing to show their support, that I will be able to make money doing the things I’m already doing. I’d also like to invest in a more powerful server, maybe a separate build server - the separation that should be there instead of having everything on one machine. A little bit of extra spending money is always nice, too :)

In return, once I get through my current to-do list, I will work on enabling my own hosted instances of certain server software to be accessible to supporters. That probably won’t happen any time soon, given the number of things I have to get done first, but support given until then is especially appreciated.

How You Can Contribute

You can find various ways to contribute monetarily on the new support page. This includes recurring giving via Patreon and Liberapay, anonymous giving with Monero, and referral links that give us both a bonus when you sign up using them. In the future, this will also include one-time credit card payments through Stripe.

Thank you to the communities I’ve worked with who have encouraged me to keep doing this. I hope to continue working for and with you all for the foreseeable future.