Oh my gosh, has life been busy lately.

It’s been 48 days since I last made a post here. Here’s a quick overview of what I’ve been working on since then:

  • Setting up the new website for the SPU Developers club, of which I am now a leader (W00t!).
  • Updating the BluestNight theme for Hugo, including adding a little bit of CSS animation, new functionality, lots of CSS bug fixes, and applying to have it added to the Hugo Theme Showcase.
  • Creating a GitHub repository for my build scripts for creating flashable zip installers for Android. You can find packages built using these scripts on the downloads page.
  • Creating a GitHub repository for a set of PHP scripts that can give you your public IP address and keep track of the IP addresses of your other machines.
  • Doing a lot of homework.
  • Planning backstory for an original story I will hopefully be starting soon.

BluestNight Enhancements

Click here to view all of the commits that have been added to the GitHub repository, or continue reading for the highlights.

Handwriting Shortcode

This shortcode is one that I do not expect everyone to use, but one I find handy: it makes certain text look…


There are a number of fonts to choose from, providing some variety in styles. All of the fonts were downloaded from Font Squirrel, which provides free fonts with licenses allowing them to be used commercially. Thus, anyone should be able to use these fonts without licensing issues:

This spot used to contain examples of the various handwriting fonts. Due to cross-browser display issues, some of the fonts were removed from the theme and thus can no longer be displayed. See the link to the documentation below for up-to-date examples of the fonts.

The syntax is as follows (using Calligraffiti as an example):

{{% handwriting "calligraffiti" %}}
Text to make look handwritten
{{% /handwriting %}}

which generates the following HTML:

<p class="handwriting calligraffiti">Text to make look handwritten</p>

For a complete, up-to-date list of the available fonts, check the handwriting fonts documentation.

Members And Authorbox

The member shortcode was added after I started working on the SPU Developers club site, since I was trying to set up a nice-looking “Members” page. The shortcode is basically a shortcodified version of the Authorbox feature for use somewhere other than the end of a blog post.

The shortcode requires a data file under site-root/data/members/ for the member specified with the data keys Name, Img, Bio, and Position.

Shortcode syntax:

{{< member "Member Name" >}}

Data file (YAML):

Name     : "Member Name"
Img      : "path/to/profile/picture.jpg"
Position : "Position in Group"
Bio      : |
  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
  Vestibulum vel nibh et elit gravida dapibus ac sed mi.
  Morbi dictum, purus id aliquet viverra, sem risus imperdiet
  magna, et aliquet.

The YAML file is now a requirement for the Authorbox as well.