The act of migrating both of my websites from Drupal to Hugo has left me acutely aware of how rarely I post on either blog. As such, I’ve come up with a resolution to make posts at least once per week. This will probably mean a post every Saturday or Sunday, but life has a way of distracting you sometimes so, for my own sanity, I am not making any set public timeline for when updates will come out.

On this site, these updates will usually consist of progress with projects I have been working on, maybe something cool I’ve learned, that sort of thing. If time is short, there will at least be a bulleted list of things I’ve worked on.

I’ve worked on lately:

  • Wrote a guide for using Android without Google apps
  • Migrated both and from Drupal to Hugo
  • Updated the RPG Engine
  • SQLite++ (The aforementioned standalone library)
  • Began work on a small PHP-based server that can be used to upload and download games. Not on GitHub (yet)
    • I still need to add some key features, including:
      • Purchasing the game (through a 3rd party) and recording that the transaction succeeded
      • On-the-fly encryption of the game file with different keys for each user
      • An API for game engines (including my reference implementation) to authenticate with the server and download games and/or decryption keys
    • Here’s what I do have:
      • A secure login system with cookies and email confirmations
      • Basic user/game creation forms
      • Pages to view information about a particular user or game
      • A simplistic layout based on the Foundation CSS framework

Well, that’s the update for this week! See you next time!