Experiences With Hugo

About a week ago I moved my two blogs from using a Drupal backend to being generated with Hugo. All in all, the experience has been positive, as Hugo allows me to preview my changes on my local machine before I upload any changes to the server. The hardest part was copying my existing posts and converting them to markdown format (which wasn’t hard at all). [Read more from Experiences With Hugo...]

Announcing Regular Updates

The act of migrating both of my websites from Drupal to Hugo has left me acutely aware of how rarely I post on either blog. As such, I’ve come up with a resolution to make posts at least once per week. This will probably mean a post every Saturday or Sunday, but life has a way of distracting you sometimes so, for my own sanity, I am not making any set public timeline for when updates will come out. [Read more from Announcing Regular Updates...]

Can programming languages be used for common (spoken) communication?

The actual answer to the question is no, because a programming language is not the same as a communication language. Programming languages are used to convey specific instructions to computers. Communication languages are used to convey ideas between people. People are not computers and computers are not people. But what’s the fun in that? What follows is the bulk of my original answer to this question as it appeared on Quora. This answer is written in Scala. [Read more from Can Programming Languages Be Used for Common (Spoken) Communication?...]

Hello, World!

Wow, I’ve spent so much of my blogging time on my other blog that I haven’t done anything for this one yet! Well that’s about to change. I’m just a techie. I am learning how to program and have put together a couple of nice projects, but I have a lot more to learn still. I use Linux almost exclusively - occasionally Windows on school computers or the family desktop, but Arch Linux on my laptop! Heck yeah! Posts on this site will most likely involve me reviewing some sort of open source program or system, talking about some project I’m working on, or sharing my thoughts on other things. I haven’t really decided yet. [Read more from Hello, World!...]