Create a file called build.ext where ext is one of json, yml, or toml. In that file, specify any number of apps or files and some information about them, and at least one zip file, though you can specify multiple. This guide uses TOML configurations as examples.

For more complete examples, including configurations used to build the zips in the downloads section, see the repository.

Command-line options:

destinationDestination folder to place the built zip files. If not specified, defaults to a subdirectory build of the current working directory../zips/
configPath to the configuration file to use for building. Defaults to a file in the current working directory../build.toml
verboseEnable verbose output from the program.(No parameters)
debugEnable debugging output from the program. Also enables --verbose.(No parameters)


zip-builder --config configs/microg/build.toml --destination /tmp/build/

Uses the configuration file found at configs/microg/build.toml and places the built zips in /tmp/build/.

zip-builder --verbose

Uses the default locations of ./build.ext for the configuration file and ./build/ for the destination directory while enabling verbose output.