A “file” is anything that you install to the file system of an Android device. While keeping in mind that all apps are files, any non-app file should be labeled a “file” while apps are labeled “app”.

Basic Config

# Replace
  name = "example_file"
  url = "https://example.com/files/Example.ttf"
  destination = "/system/fonts/Example.ttf"
    number = "5.1"

All File Parameters

nameRequired. A unique identifier not used by other files."myfile"
urlRequired. A URL where the file can be downloaded from."https://dl.shadow53.com/some_library.so"
destinationRequired. The location on the Android file system where this file should be placed."/system/fonts/Example.ttf"
md5The expected MD5 hash of the downloaded file."2e8e64f2e134a15357f0b8dd3a77c42a"
sha1The expected SHA1 hash of the downloaded file."ade3b127942ec5e1b91d4c4960c61ea8a3d4e617"
sha256The expected SHA256 hash of the downloaded file."6efb1a43873876bcc9476562e20cf8d875eca20bab456d83a580f46a39321139"
modeThe numeric file system permissions to set on the file. Defaults to 0644 if not set."0600"
remove_filesA list (array) of paths to delete when this file is installed and when the system is updated. Same as using install_remove_files and update_remove_files together.["/system/font/other-font.ttf"]
install_remove_filesA list (array) of paths to delete only when this file is installed. Useful for anything that may conflict with this file but is not expected to reappear after an update.["/system/font/other-font.ttf"]
update_remove_filesA list (array) of paths to delete on system update. Useful for making sure a system file stays removed across updates.["/system/font/other-font.ttf"]