A “file” is anything that you install to the file system of an Android device. While keeping in mind that all apps are files, any non-app file should be labeled a “file” while apps are labeled “app”.

Basic Config

# Replace
  name = "example_file"
  url = "https://example.com/files/Example.ttf"
  destination = "/system/fonts/Example.ttf"
    number = "5.1"

All File Parameters

name Required. A unique identifier not used by other files. "myfile"
url Required. A URL where the file can be downloaded from. "https://dl.shadow53.com/some_library.so"
destination Required. The location on the Android file system where this file should be placed. "/system/fonts/Example.ttf"
md5 The expected MD5 hash of the downloaded file. "2e8e64f2e134a15357f0b8dd3a77c42a"
sha1 The expected SHA1 hash of the downloaded file. "ade3b127942ec5e1b91d4c4960c61ea8a3d4e617"
sha256 The expected SHA256 hash of the downloaded file. "6efb1a43873876bcc9476562e20cf8d875eca20bab456d83a580f46a39321139"
mode The numeric file system permissions to set on the file. Defaults to 0644 if not set. "0600"
remove_files A list (array) of paths to delete when this file is installed and when the system is updated. Same as using install_remove_files and update_remove_files together. ["/system/font/other-font.ttf"]
install_remove_files A list (array) of paths to delete only when this file is installed. Useful for anything that may conflict with this file but is not expected to reappear after an update. ["/system/font/other-font.ttf"]
update_remove_files A list (array) of paths to delete on system update. Useful for making sure a system file stays removed across updates. ["/system/font/other-font.ttf"]