The Apps

All apps are files and use the same key/value pairs as files plus the ones below. All required keys for a file apply to apps as well, plus any keys required specifically for apps.

All App Parameters

package_nameRequired. The package name of the app."org.mozilla.firefox"
is_fdroid_repoIf the app’s URL is actually the root of an F-Droid repo where the app is hosted.true
doze_whitelistIf the app should be whitelisted from Doze and App Standby battery optimizations.true
doze_whitelist_except_idleIf the app should be whitelist from Doze but not App Standby battery optimization.true
data_saver_whitelistIf the app should be whitelisted from Data Saver mode.true
grant_system_userGrant system user privileges to the app. Only applies to apps in /system/priv-app/.true
blacklist_system_userBlacklist a system app from having system user privileges. Only applies to apps in /system/priv-app/.true
permissionsAn array of permissions to automatically grant to the app. Permissions can be from the system or another app. System permissions can be just the name while permissions from an app must be namespaced (see example). Permissions will only apply if the system has not been booted before the zip is installed.["READ_CALENDAR","WRITE_CALENDAR"]