Only the ROMs that support signature spoofing out of the box “support” microG. You can obtain signature spoofing support on ROMs that do not come with it, however, so if you use one of the methods to do that then any ROM can theoretically support microG. Instructions on how to get signature spoofing support can be found on the [microG wiki][microg-sig-spoof].

If you are asking about a new major version of Android (such as the jump from Marshmallow to Nougat), you may have to wait for an updated patch. Spoofing support requires patching the framework.jar system file, which is subject to change across major releases.

Note: Nougat ROMs patched with Needle/Tingle will require microG to be installed as a system app in order to be a network location provider. There is a flashable zip file in the downloads section that will do that for you or, if you do not care about network location, you can continue installing microG as a user app. ROMs with the patch built in should not be affected by this issue.