MicroG is an open source replacement for the proprietary Google Play Services provided on stock Android and as part of GApps packages. People may switch for privacy concerns, battery concerns, ideology (such as open source vs. proprietary) or some other reason for disliking Google. This table serves two purposes: to provide a list of which Google apps work with microG (for those who like the apps) and lists of apps which can replace those Google ones (for those who don’t like them).

All apps from F-Droid were selected based on the last-updated date: anything older than two years is considered too old to be included.

App & microG CompatibilityAlternatives (Links to F-Droid if possible)
Android Auto [?]N/A
Google (Search) [?]DuckDuckGo
Google Now Launcher [?]OpenLauncher, Simple App Launcher, Hayai Launcher, KISS Launcher, Search Based Launcher, Silverfish, T-UI Launcher, Trebuchet (Lineage), OmniSwitch (OmniROM)
Google Drive [✓]OwnCloud, NextCloud (Beta), Syncthing
Google Docs/Slides/etc. [✓]Polaris Office* (Amazon), OfficeSuite Professional* (Amazon), WPS Office* (Amazon), LibreOffice Viewer (editing is in beta), Google Docs in a browser
Google Cloud Messaging [✓]microG
Google Calendar/Contacts Sync [x]
(reqs sync apks)
DavDroid, aCalDav (calendar only)
Google Calendar [?]AOSP Calendar**, Simple Calendar, Etar
Google Contacts [?]AOSP Contacts**
Google Mail (Gmail) [?] / Google Inbox [?]EMail clients: AOSP Email**, K9-Mail, K9 Material (Unofficial)
Services: Tutanota (apk), ProtonMail (Play Store or browser only)
Google Maps [?]OSMAnd~, ZNavi, PocketMaps, SmartNavi (pedestrians only), Location Map Viewer (map only, no navigation)
Google Play Store [✓]See the NO GAPPS Setup Guide page on alternative app stores
Google Hangouts [?] / Allo [?]
(chat, see Messenger for sms)
Ensichat, Conversations (XMPP), Kontalk (XMPP), Tigase Messenger (XMPP), Telegram, Tensor (Matrix), Riot (Matrix), Weechat (IRC)
Google Dialer [?]AOSP Dialer**, Signal (apk)
Google Messenger [?]AOSP Messenger**, QKSMS, Silence, Signal (apk)
Google Duo [?]Linphone, Riot
Google Voice [?]
(VOIP, not an actual second line)
Linphone, Lumicall, Riot
Google Camera [✓]AOSP or Snapdragon Camera**, Open Camera, Simple Camera, AsciiCam
Google Keyboard [?]AOSP Keyboard** (requires Google lib for swipe), AnySoftKeyboard, BeHe Keyboard, Hacker’s Keyboard
Google Keep (Notes) [?]ownCloud Notes, Kolab Notes, NoNonsense Notes, Notepad, Simple Notes, uNote
Google Keep (To-Do) [?]NoNonsense Notes, SimpleTask Cloudless, Clear List, Minimal Todo, OpenTasks (syncs with DavDroid), Tasks, Habitica (apk)
Google Photos [✓]AOSP or Snapdragon Gallery**, A Photo Manager, Simple Gallery, LeafPic, GLImageViewer (no app icon: select image from another app)
Google Plus [x]Movim, AndStatus, Diaspora, Pjuu, Twidere (Twitter), Google Plus (or any other social media) on a browser
Google Play Music [x]Eleven (Lineage), Apollo (OmniROM), CherryMusic, Timber, Simple Music Player, Pretty Good Music Player, Vanilla Music
Google Chrome [?]Jelly Browser (Lineage), Chromium (bundled with some ROMs), Firefox (apk), IceCat, Privacy Browser
YouTube [✓]NewPipe, Webtube, SkyTube, MinTube, YouTube on a browser
Google Opinions Rewards [?]N/A
Google Translate [?]Google Translate or other translation service on a browser
Google Cast [✓]Bubble UPnP (apk) - There are reports of casting working with microG without Google Cast or Bubble UPnP installed
Google Wallet [?]N/A
Google Device Manager [?]Prey, Tasker (Play Store required, paid app) configured to report location based on SMS or other event

*Not open source

**Can be found on most custom roms such as Lineage OS (and derivatives), OmniROM, and others based on AOSP