In order to have the best experience with microG, there is some preparation that needs to be done. Read the microG appendix of the No GApps setup guide for more information.

Google Play Store (Standalone)

Before you download the patched version, be aware of the necessary workaround that goes with it.

Installs the Google Play Store to /system/priv-app, the only location that is known to actually work - the Play Store does not work when installed as a user app. The normal version is the same as found in OpenGapps while the patched version is the one used in NanoMod (another microG installer), patched to enable making purchases in the Play Store without the app crashing, like it does unpatched.

Checksum(s): MD5
Checksum(s): MD5

MicroG as System App

Before you download, make sure you read the above warning of a potential issue that applies to both the patched Play Store and to FakeStore.

Some Android ROMs running Android 7 Nougat do not support user apps providing locations, so microG must be installed as a system app to be able to use UnifiedNLP. These zips install the base apps necessary: microG GMS Core, microG GMS proxy, and either the Google Play Store (same as the standalone zip) or FakeStore, an app that fakes the existence of the Play Store. If you use the latter, be sure to have another app store available for downloading apps. See this page for an alternative method for downloading Play Store apps.

The below installers use the official release of MicroG, which has fallen somewhat out of date and may cause issues with apps expecting a newer version of Play Services. To (partially) get around this, download the unofficial version (md5) and use a standalone Play Store zip if you want the Play Store.

Without PlayStore
Checksum(s): MD5
With PS (Official)
Checksum(s): MD5
With PS (Patched)
Checksum(s): MD5


For those who want to go without Google apps entirely but need/want network-based location, there is the standalone version of the Network Location Provider bundled with microG.

This zip is for people who are not using microG or Google's Play Services, as the standalone UnifiedNLP conflicts with both. You have been warned.

Checksum(s): MD5