This app bundle installs Hacker’s Keyboard with the Termux terminal emulator for easy command-line usage on Android. With the included Android API plugin, Termux can get su access and run commands to help prepare your system, for instance to manually grant system permissions.

Termux also comes with many Linux packages available, including multiple shells, text editors, programming languages like Python, Perl, and even the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). See more on the Termux website.

This package also comes with the Widget and Styling addons for Termux.

After installing, you will have to manually grant storage permissions to Termux for it to be able to access any files under /sdcard/. Hacker’s Keyboard will also need to be enabled in order to be usable. Apps are downloaded from F-Droid, so you’ll need to install F-Droid to receive updates.

Checksum(s): MD5