Warning: All flashable zips on this page are put together with the latest versions of Android in mind. The file structure for system apps changed after KitKat and thus these zips support only Lollipop (5.1) and later.

The below zips are automatically rebuilt with the latest files every week using my own open source zip-builder.

Android Tools (ADB, Fastboot)

Download Android ABD and Fastboot tools directly from Google.

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
    • Or check your distro’s repositories to see if they are available. Check the package name android-tools.

Google Swipe Libraries

Install the proprietary libraries necessary to enable swipe-to-type on the built-in AOSP keyboard found in most custom Android ROMs. Contains the libraries for all applicable Android versions and device architectures. Library files are downloaded from the OpenGapps GitHub repository for each architecture. [Read more from Google Swipe Libraries...]

Google Sync Adapters

The only reliable way to synchronize contacts and calendar with Google on Android is to use Google’s own sync adapters, though there are other methods of synchronizing (these alternate methods may change without warning). For those who are still tied to Google for synchronization, this flashable zip should enable synchronization of contacts/calendar/both. [Read more from Google Sync Adapters...]

No GApps Packages

The No GApps app packages are intended to serve as replacements for the GApps packages usually flashed on custom Android ROMs during a new install. These particular No GApps packages mirror the names and contents of the OpenGapps packages, though with free/open source apps and no Play Services. Those looking for an alternative to Google Play Services should look at microG. [Read more from No GApps Packages...]