Bluestnight Updates: Analytics, Search & More

It’s been just under a month since my last post. Summer had just started, I was migrating my projects from GitHub to GitLab… Now I’ve got a couple part-time summer jobs and just enough free time to work on my projects. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my website theme over the past month; I keep telling myself I’m going to take a break and work on other things, but it just doesn’t happen. [Read more...]

Updates: Becoming a Club Leader

Oh my gosh, has life been busy lately. It’s been 48 days since I last made a post here. Here’s a quick overview of what I’ve been working on since then: Setting up the new website for the SPU Developers club, of which I am now a leader (W00t!). Updating the BluestNight theme for Hugo, including adding a little bit of CSS animation, new functionality, lots of CSS bug fixes, and applying to have it added to the Hugo Theme Showcase. [Read more...]

Why You Should Plan A Project Through Before Starting

I’ve finally realized that I succumbed to the excitement a developer has when working on a new project, which has left me with a hard choice: continue doing things in a way that is harder than it needs to be, or partially scrap it and start over. Note to future self: plan things out before starting. [Read more...]

Patreon And UI Updates

Update time: I've revamped my Patreon page and recreated my website theme from scratch. New content will be incoming soon. Also: comments! [Read more...]

Announcements: A New Ad Blocker, Bug Fixes

Announcing a new system-wide ad blocker and hosts file editor written in C++ by Shadow53. Primarily intended for desktop users, this project is inspired by AdAway for Android. Updates both minor and major for a couple other projects, primarily SQLite++. [Read more...]

Experiences With Hugo

About a week ago I moved my two blogs from using a Drupal backend to being generated with Hugo. All in all, the experience has been positive, as Hugo allows me to preview my changes on my local machine before I upload any changes to the server. The hardest part was copying my existing posts and converting them to markdown format (which wasn’t hard at all). [Read more...]

Announcing Regular Updates

The act of migrating both of my websites from Drupal to Hugo has left me acutely aware of how rarely I post on either blog. As such, I’ve come up with a resolution to make posts at least once per week. This will probably mean a post every Saturday or Sunday, but life has a way of distracting you sometimes so, for my own sanity, I am not making any set public timeline for when updates will come out. [Read more...]